This is the part where you get to feel extra warm and fuzzy. Kitty Cantina’s focus is promoting successful lifelong adoptions through positive interactions and bonding opportunities. Adoptions are going great and kittens especially have no problem finding homes… but what about the older cats?

Senior kitties take considerably longer to place, but we’ve gotten pretty good at matchmaking. Have you heard of our “Disadvantaged Kitty Sponsor Program” (DKSP)? A portion of all our  merchandise sales and other promotional sales are set aside for the program. and recipients typically include senior kitties and cats with disabilities or special needs. When one of these “down on their luck” cats arrives at the café, we bust out the mula! Funds are used to cover (sponsor) adoption fees, pay for medication, and alleviate veterinary costs.

We aren’t alone, though. Animal lovers have generously donated to the DKSP at the café, and there have been consistent requests for an online donation option. So, here it is! Nothing is expected, but anything is appreciated. Donations are 100% for the cats so please mention in the notes what you wish the funds to be used for (ex: sponsor adoption fee of a specific cat, sponsor adoption fee of a future disadvantaged cat, medication, vet care, general supplies, etc.)

We’ve lost track of all the happily-ever-afters, but scroll through to see some of our past Disadvantaged Kitty Sponsor Program recipients.