Kitten-Grams were a hit last year! With your help we were able to raise over $500 for the Disadvantage Kitty Sponsor Program (DKSP), specifically changing the lives of senior kitties and cats with special needs. The bar is high, but let’s sprinkle a little catnip on this thing and smash that number!

So what exactly is a Kitten-Gram? It’s a digital Valentine “card” featuring one of Kitty Cantina’s adopted shelter cats, complete with a witty kitty pun. We thought of everything – there’s options for your fambam, your best buds, your crush, and even your ex! You choose the design, and we send them on Valentine’s Day! Keep them antonymous, or personalize them if you’re feeling frisky. 100% of the proceeds are put into the DKSP, so you can send a cute Valentine to someone you love (or despise), and in return you’ll be rewarded with that warm, fuzzy feeling knowing you’re helping out some shelter kitties.

Step 1: Select the amount of Kitten-Grams you want to send. The more you send, the better the deal. Make sure you include the Gram number(s) in the notes when you checkout. There are 24 designs so scroll through!

Step 2: Personalize the message or keep it anonymous. If no message is included we will default to, “Happy Valentine’s Day! This Kitten-Gram was sent to you by a secret admirer on behalf of Kitty Cantina and directly helped save shelter cats.” The only exception is Grams # 23 and #24 (for your ex), which will default to say “secret despiser” instead of “secret admirer.”

Step 3: Text our email – we can do either, but double check your numbers and addresses when you put them in the notes at checkout!

That’s it! We’ll start sending them out at 9:00 AM on February 14th. Last year it took over 8 hours to send them all so some will arrive later in the day. Please note that Grams will be sent without numbers or water marks.

Here’s a couple examples of what your notes should look like at checkout:

Example: Gram #2, texted, (123) 456-7890, default message

Example: Gram #7, emailed,, “Happy V-Day baby! Love, Simba